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Washington DC Haunted Ghost Tours: Dressed in Victorian costumes, our “spirit” guides will lead you by lantern light to discover the true hauntings of the 6 apparitions witnessed at St. John’s Church, the poltergeist of the Hay-Adams Hotel, and haunted accounts of Lincoln’s ghost within the White House.

This walking tour is perfect for historic enthusiasts, ghost hunters, and those simply curious about the haunted side of Washington.

We accommodate groups of all sizes and ages. Whether you’re a sports team, church group, or enjoying a family vacation, we can fit your tour needs and satisfy your curiosity about the paranormal.

See for yourself why Washington DC is regarded as America’s Most Haunted City. When you book your next Washington DC vacation, be sure to include a haunted ghost tour.

statue of andrew jackson on state capitol grounds - nashville ghost tours


DC has a historic and glorious past. Our nation’s capital is rich in history and monumental democratic achievements, but behind its gates and within its corridors, a darker past is hidden. Conspiracies, crimes of passion, duels, and assassinations are just a few reasons Washington’s Lafayette Park is known as “Tragedy Square.” Washington DC Ghost Tours features professional tour guides who will show you a Washington DC road map of the paranormal.




One of the most haunted sites in Washington, D.C. is also one of the most iconic places in the world. On the new Capitol Hill Ghost Tour, you’ll hear the stories of the feuding ghosts of past lawmakers in the House, haunted souls surrounding the Lincoln Conspiracy trials, the specters of Presidents and the curse that surrounds everything on the Hill. Uncover tales of the famous statues that dance at night in the Statuary, the disturbances at the Folger Library, and the Demon Cat that torments the guards of Capitol Hill to this day. Learn the haunted history of the Supreme Court Building, the Library of Congress, and the US Capitol that the daytime tours are afraid to tell!


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